Breaking Down the Walls of Silence

J. Konrad Stettbacher

Making Sense of Suffering

Stettbacher is a psychotherapist in Switzerland, mostly known for his book Making Sense of Suffering (1991), which at the time received much appraisal from Alice Miller, who wrote the foreword. Stettbacher developed his own Primal Therapy and his book builds on the work of Arthur Janov and Alice Miller. He describes a four-step program that enables adults to reconstruct their histories, find and heal their primal childhood traumas.Despite some success stories, Alice Miller denounced him in 1996. Miller wrote: "I inform my readers that I no longer, in any way, support or recommend the therapy developed and practised by Mr. J. Konrad Stettbacher." The reasons she attributed spurred a lot of discussion on the Internet at the time. Though she never was a patient of Stettbacher, Miller's experience with Primal Therapy was with an unknown primal therapist in Switzerland.

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  • Seamas Added Like Sandra I reject Ms. Miller's Attacks on JK Stettbacher and his 4-Step Therapy. I have worked it for many years now to deal with profound child abuse and neglect and while I can't describe overnight miraculous recovery - (it has been a long difficult road of uncovering and dealing with...) - Stettbacher's 4-Step therapy works, when there is no where else to turn! Life saving..
  • Sandra Added When Alice Miller informed us of Stettbacher in her book "Banished Knowledge" I was in therapy, after a divorce. I have applied the method to my life, embracing the pain and mourning for the loss (not only in childhood) and the release is so great, that from within forgiveness flows to the enemy of my soul. Liberty flows through the spirit of my being. You must be truthful for it to work.