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Andrew Vachss

Andrew Vachss

Andrew Henry Vachss (born October 19, 1942) is an American crime fiction author, child protection consultant, and attorney exclusively representing children and youth. He is also a founder and national advisory board member of PROTECT
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Before becoming a lawyer, Vachss held many front-line positions in child protection. He was a federal investigator in sexually transmitted diseases, and a New York City social-services caseworker. He worked in Biafra, entering the war zone just before the fall of the country. There he worked to find a land route to bring donated food and medical supplies across the border after the seaports were blocked and Red Cross airlifts banned by the Nigerian government; however, all attempts ultimately failed, resulting in rampant starvation. After he returned and recovered from his injuries, Vachss studied community organizing in 1970 under Saul Alinsky. He worked as a labor organizer and ran a self-help center for urban migrants in Chicago.  He then managed a re-entry program for ex-convicts in Massachusetts, and finally directed a maximum-security prison for violent juvenile offenders.

As an attorney, Vachss represents only children and adolescents. In addition to his private practice, he serves as a law guardian in New York state. In every child abuse or neglect case, state law requires the appointment of a law guardian, a lawyer who represents the child\'s interests during the legal proceedings.

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The Burke series


   1. Flood (1985)
   2. Strega (1987)
   3. Blue Belle (1988)
   4. Hard Candy (1989)
   5. Blossom (1990)
   6. Sacrifice (1991)
   7. Down in the Zero (1994)
   8. Footsteps of the Hawk (1995)
   9. False Allegations (1996)
  10. Safe House (1998)
  11. Choice of Evil (1999)
  12. Dead and Gone (2000)
  13. Pain Management (2001)
  14. Only Child (2002)
  15. Down Here (2004)
  16. Mask Market (2006)
  17. Terminal (2007)
  18. Another Life (2008)


Other novels

   1. A Bomb Built in Hell (1973)
   2. Shella (1993)
   3. Batman: The Ultimate Evil (1995)
   4. The Getaway Man (2003)
   5. Two Trains Running (2005)
   6. Haiku (November 3, 2009)
   7. The Weight (2010)
   8. A Bomb Built in Hell (2012)
   9. That's How I Roll (2012)

Short story collections

   1. Born Bad (1994)
   2. Everybody Pays (1999)
   3. Proving It (2001) Audiobook collection.
   4. Dog Stories Online collection.
   5. Mortal Lock (2013)

Graphic novels and series

   1. Hard Looks (1992-93) Ten-volume series.
   2. Batman: The Ultimate Evil (1995) Two-volume graphic novel.
   3. Cross (1995) Seven-volume series with James Colbert.
   4. Predator: Race War (1993) Five-volume series; (1995) Single-volume graphic novel, collection of 1993 series.
   5. Alamaailma (1997) Finnish graphic novel, illustrating two of the \"Underground\" short stories from Born Bad.
   6. Hard Looks (1996, 2002) Single-volume trade paperback.
   7. Another Chance To Get It Right: A Children\'s Book for Adults (1993, 1995) (Reprinted with additional material, 2003)
   8. Heart Transplant (2010)
   9. Underground (forthcoming, October 2014)


   1. Placebo (in Antaeus, 1991)
   2. Warlord (in Born Bad, 1994)
   3. Replay (in Born Bad, 1994)


   1. The Life-Style Violent Juvenile: The Secure Treatment Approach (Lexington, 1979)
   2. The Child Abuse-Delinquency Connection — A Lawyer\'s View (Lexington, 1989)
   3. PARADE Magazine Articles (1985-2006)
   4. Other Articles and Essays

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