Childhood trauma and its consequences
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Top Psychiatric Researcher Dr. Biederman Caught Lying about $1.6 Million in Drug Money; Performed Medical Experiments on Children

by Mike Adams
source: naturalnews.com

Harvard University's Dr. Joseph Biederman has been a loyal soldier in the battleground for chemical control over children's minds. A highly-influential researcher at Harvard University, Dr. Biederman spearheaded a 4000% increase in the diagnosis of pediatric bipolar disorder from 1994 to 2003, resulting in billions of dollars in revenues for drug companies and millions of children being put on mind-altering medications. Now, thanks to an investigation by the office of Sen. Charles Grassley and a damning report published in the New York Times, it has been revealed that Dr. Biederman lied about the amount of money he received from drug companies -- a figure that may exceed $1.6 million.

In the conflict-of-interest documents submitted to Harvard Medical School, Dr. Biederman vastly underreported funds received from multiple drug companies. In one instance, he reported a payment from Johnson & Johnson of just $3,500 when, in reality, company records show J&J paid him $58,169 in one year alone (2001). Before this story went public, Dr. Biederman sought to modify his conflict-of-interest records, and when pressed by Sen. Grassley's investigators, he made retroactive changes showing an additional $1.6 he had previously failed to disclose. These disclosure might never have happened if Sen. Grassley's investigators had not started asking questions about the financial links between drug companies and Dr. Biederman.

Psychiatric doctor violates federal law
Failing to disclose such large sums of money in conflict-of-interest forms is a violation of federal law, and if the National Institutes of Health (NIH) applies existing rules and regulations in responding to these charges, it could deny all future grants to the organization that provided additional funding to Dr. Biederman: Massachusetts General Hospital, which administered $287 million in grants in 2005. The NIH requires researchers to report earnings over $10,000 per year on conflict-of-interest forms.

But rather than being arrested for criminal behavior, Dr. Biederman and another colleague caught in the same financial scandal have been "referred to a university conflict committee for review," reports the New York Times. In other words, their punishment might consist of nothing more than sitting on a couch in a room with other corrupt psychiatric industry leaders who will discuss the issue and do nothing in response. (Dr. Biederman will likely not even be fired from his job...)

What this latest scandal reveals is just how corrupt and dishonest today's psychiatric industry has become. When top researchers are largely funded by drug companies -- and they consistently lie about their financial ties to those companies -- it is clear that integrity and honesty have been abandoned in favor of disease mongering, drug pushing and corporate profits.

The psychiatric industry, in particular, has repeatedly relied on scientific fraud, financial corruption and grave intellectual dishonesty to ensnare a nation of children with dangerous prescription medications that have turned out to cause diabetes, weight gain, suicides and violent behavior. Even though these drugs are harming children, psychiatric researchers like Dr. Biederman continue pushing fictitious diseases like "bipolar disorder" and "ADHD" in an effort to engineer demand for Big Pharma's high-profit pills. In return, Big Pharma pays money to Dr. Biederman and other corrupt, intellectually dishonest researchers who keep beating the drum for more pills, increasingly labeling every living human being as suffering from mental health disorders that demand chemical "treatment."

As part of his drug-pushing efforts, Dr. Biederman has openly advocated non-approved uses of mind-altering drugs on children, encouraging doctors to prescribe pills for various so-called "disorders" even though no FDA approval has ever been granted for using those mind-altering medicines on children. This didn't stop Dr. Biederman, though, from openly pushing for the widespread prescribing of drugs for such "off-label" conditions, including their use on infants and very young children. Thanks in large part to Dr. Biederman's apparently financially-motivated efforts, sales of drugs used to treat "bipolar disorder" doubled from 2003 to 2006.

Recruiting Four-Year Olds for Medical Experiments
Dr. Biederman isn't merely on the take from drug companies, he's also actively engaged in using children as young as four years old for medical experiments. His current recruitment efforts attempt to round up four- to six-year olds and dose them with Astrazeneca's Seroquel drug to see what might happen to their brains.

This kind of testing of powerful psychotropic drugs on four-year olds is being pursued, of course, to try to convince doctors that young children need mind-altering drugs just like adults, thereby creating new, lucrative markets for the drug companies that sell such drugs. But rather than proving that four-year olds suffer from "brain chemistry disorders" that need chemical treatment, what Dr. Biederman has really demonstrated is that psychiatric researchers suffer from their own form of madness -- a kind of mental disorder that allows them to perform chemical experiments on very young children, all while accepting millions of dollars from drug companies as payment for their disease mongering efforts.

This was, perhaps, the same kind of madness that allowed Bayer's researchers to perform medical experiments on captured Jews in Nazi German's concentration camps. It is a historical fact that drug companies have routinely used children, blacks, minorities and women for their medical experiments, usually in an effort to create "new marketing opportunities" so they could sell more dangerous prescription medications. See the NaturalNews historical timeline of medical experiments on humans here: http://www.naturalnews.com/019189.html

The Madness of Modern Psychiatry (Opinion)
The actions of Dr. Biederman, in my opinion, demonstrate the level of evil at work in the psychiatric industry today -- an industry based on scientific fraud, willful deception and deeply-rooted evil combined with a shocking disrespect for the value of human life. Sen. Charles Grassley's investigation reveals that not only is Dr. Biederman a liar, but he is a criminal, too, who violates the very federal rules that were designed to shed light on under-the-table payments between drug companies and researchers. The actions of Dr. Biederman speak volumes about not only the psychiatric industry, but also the level of corruption and scientific dishonest that is openly tolerated by Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health.

I'm willing to wager large sums of money that none of the organizations involved in this scandal will take any real, decisive action to have Dr. Biederman fired or blacklisted from the industry. His "work" (if you can call it that) is too important to the profits of the drug companies that wield powerful influence over the key players in this industry. Most likely, Dr. Biederman will simply be told, "Don't get caught again" and allowed to continue running medical experiments on children, exploiting the bodies of young children for Big Pharma's gain.

I'm sure that Dr. Biederman does not consider himself to be mad, or cruel, or even corrupt. But every madman throughout human history, including Hitler, has justified his own inhumane actions as a way of bringing a brighter future to the world. Hitler believed he was creating a world of order, led by a superior race. Similarly, Dr. Biederman likely believes that by medicating young children with mind-altering drugs, he is giving them "treatment" that results in "normalized" brain function. Virtually all madmen operate with the same pattern of psychosis, usually paired with ambitions of domination over others. Hitler dominated with artillery and bullets. Dr. Biederman dominates with chemical weapons that attack the brain, resulting in a kind of chemical molestation of children. Both are cruel, inhumane and, in my view, crimes against humanity.

Besides, four-year olds who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder aren't suffering from pharmaceutical deficiencies in the first place. They're suffering from junk food diets, widespread chemical toxicity (from personal care products), dangerous food additives, dangerous medication side effects, vaccination effects, violent TV programming and a public health system that believes only in treating symptoms of disease and not teaching parents how to raise healthy children at all. To make our children healthy, we must first start with what they eat. Change the food served in public schools (and private homes), and so-called mental health disorders simply disappear. Virtually every disorder or disease known in modern psychiatry is a result of bad nutrition combined with poisoning from chemicals or heavy metals. (And guess what dentists keep putting into the mouths of children? Mercury fillings!)

While Dr. Biederman and the drug companies want to diagnose infants, children and teens with various brain chemistry disorders that require medication "treatment," they openly ignore the real root of the problem: Nutrition, exercise, natural sunlight, and the elimination of toxic chemicals from foods, drugs and home environments. I think Dr. Biederman and others in the psychiatric industry have no real interest whatsoever in helping children be healthy; they merely want to ensnare as many as possible in a chemical medication scheme that enriches themselves and the drug companies, even while children's brains are being permanently altered in dangerous ways by these synthetic medications.

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