Your thoughts on Wilhelm Reich and orgone therapy please...
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Author:  Lloyd [ Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Your thoughts on Wilhelm Reich and orgone therapy please...

I’m interested to now what people’s opinions are of Wilhelm Reich, orgonomy, and psychiatric orgone therapy?
Do you think armouring exists? Orgastic potency/impotence? Primary and secondary drives?

I intend to go for orgone therapy even though it will be very costly and time consuming because there are no medical orgonomists in the u.k.
When I first found out about Reich and started reading his books it was like being smashed open, it’s hard to describe but that’s what it felt like. So much feeling from my past came flooding back that I didn’t know what to do with it all, along with memories. All I wanted to do was get on that therapists couch (or whatever they call it) and let rip, I needed to get out all that anger, frustration, sadness and the rest, but I couldn’t get to therapy to do it.
My character totally changed pretty much from the first day I started reading Reich’s books. I know I have a great deal of repressed emotions in me that need to come out, and I feel that if I don’t get them out then I’ve not got much chance of getting very far in life. I didn’t ask to be born in to this world (as far as I can remember anyway 8) ) and I don’t see why I should carry around a load of stale emotions for the rest of my life that are going to hold me back and ruin my chances. I only want to go for orgone therapy because it’s the only one that makes sense to me personally.

Feel free to comment even if you disagree with everthing about Reich’s work…


Author:  Dennis [ Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your thoughts on Wilhelm Reich and orgone therapy please...

I don't know that much of Wilhelm Reich, but he was an interesting man, even mysterious. According to Wikipedia, it says:

Reich was a pioneer of body psychotherapy and several emotions-based psychotherapies, influencing Fritz Perls' Gestalt therapy and Arthur Janov's primal therapy. (See also Neo-Reichian massage). His pupil Alexander Lowen, the founder of bioenergetic analysis, Charles Kelley, the founder of Radix therapy, and DeMeo ensure that his research receives widespread attention.

As you may have noticed, the works by Janov is given a lot of attention in this forum. I've read a few books by Alexander Lowen, which do address important issues. The body does react to stress and trauma, and is stored and expressed in the body but accessing that without a thorough understanding of the defenses, can be dangerous if it's accessed too quickly. You've seemed to experience this as well by writing:

So much feeling from my past came flooding back that I didn’t know what to do with it all, along with memories. All I wanted to do was get on that therapists couch (or whatever they call it) and let rip, I needed to get out all that anger, frustration, sadness and the rest, but I couldn’t get to therapy to do it.

If good therapy isn't available, then what's the alternative? Self-help? Seeking other people that can help? If you want to let your emotions come out, it helps when you learn to trust your body, bit by bit. It's like doing one leap of faith every time, because you really feel like being in the dark. When current emotions connect with old memories, healing begins and the vicious circle breaks apart.


Another simple truth that should be self-evident is that an individual's personality is expressed through his body as much as through his mind. A person cannot be divided into a mind and a body. Despite this truth, all studies of personality have concentrated on the mind to the relative neglect of the body. The body of a person tells us much about his personality. How one holds himself, the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, the set of his jaw, the position of his shoulders, the ease of his movements, and the spontaneity of his gestures tell us not only who he is but also whether he is enjoying life or is miserable and ill at ease. We may close our eyes to these expressions of another personality, just as the person himself may close his mind to the awareness of his body, but those who do so delude themselves with an image that has no relation to the reality of existence. The truth of a person's body may be painful, but blocking out this pain closes the door to the possibility of pleasure. ('Pleasure - Alexander Lowen' - 1970, page 36)

Author:  Lloyd [ Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your thoughts on Wilhelm Reich and orgone therapy please...

Hi Dennis,
I had a feeling you didn’t know much about Reich, simply because people who do know something about him usually have strong opinions of him or his work one way or the other.

What I said about the effect reading Reich’s books had on me: I think I actually liked being overwhelmed by my repressed emotions! Because there was no way I could brush it to one side and ignore it. The truth of those emotions was powerful stuff and it made me not have to feel guilty about them so much in a way because they are obviously there for a reason, I didn’t make them up or ask for them to be there. It was very harsh at times but I’m so glad it happened. Since then I’ve covered up quite a lot of that emotion again because I couldn’t let it out at the time. What I’ve gained is some stability but at the cost of not really being connected to all that emotion anymore.

I’m sure a lot of therapies, including neo-Reichian therapies are dangerous and open people up faster and deeper than is safe but from what I know medical orgonomists know these dangers very well. They work from the most superficial armouring down to the deepest slowly, always keeping in mind where the patient is and how much they can handle at any given time.
I want to experience it for myself before I go around saying that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, if it works for me then I’ll assume it “could” work for many other people, and I’ll have first had experience of the truth about how armouring works. Reich realized that individual therapy was useless as a means to sort our species out and realized that the only way to change the situation was prevention of rigid armouring.

If you’ve never read any of his books I can recommend them, “The Function Of The Orgasm” is a good one to start with because it shows the evolution of his work from psychoanalysis to orgonomy. Also “Children Of The Future”, and “Character Analysis” are amazing in my opinion.

He’s probably most famous for inventing the orgone accumulator, or the “sex box” as idiots like to call it. I’m sure you’ve heard of Freud’s libido theory, well Reich really felt that it was a “real” biological energy not just a theory, and he did experiments to try and prove that. His theory of orgone energy is not accepted by mainstream science but many people have repeated his experiments and found the same, or similar results as Reich did. Most of the people that are against Reich’s work have usually never done the slightest bit of research themselves; they just parrot what other people have said about him. It’s controversial stuff, Reich understood that the human race was sick, and he had the guts (unlike Freud) to criticize society for being so damaging to the child and its innate needs.

This is the website of The American College Of Orgonomy:

And here are some pod-casts made by the college that are excellent and cover many different aspects of Reich’s work, they would give you a good idea about Reich’s work. I just listened to pod-cast 11 about self-regulation, it’s very good. When I first got in to orgonomy I was scared to see what had happened to it since Reich’s death, I’m glad that orgonomy didn’t die and that there are people who have dedicated their lives to preserving and furthering Reich’s discoveries. I’ve found it very helpful to see DVD’s, videos, and these pod-casts about orgonomy as it is today, Reich’s books were written over 50 years ago, that doesn’t mean there out of date, it just helps see it all in a present day context and bring what I’ve read in his books to life.
http://acopodcast.libsyn.com/?search_st ... y&search=1

Also there is The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab’s (OBRL), the guy there, James DeMeo has worked with Reich’s theories for a long time and has repeated many of his experiments.

There is also a bookstore there that stocks Reich’s books and other books about orgonomy written by other people.
http://www.orgonelab.org/cgi-bin/shop.p ... energy.htm

Another good place to get Reich’s books and research journals is at The Wilhelm Reich Museum, they have a annual conference like the A.C.O. and also sell videos of lectures about orgonomy, and some audio tapes and cd’s of Reich himself speaking about his work.

I’ve put all those links up because I am crap at explaining Reich’s work, and it’s so huge that I wouldn’t know where to start! Orgonomy involves many different disciplines: psychology, sociology, biology, and pedagogy to name a few. I would advise people who want to know more to check out the pod-casts because they can tell you a lot more about it, and their also free…


Author:  Dennis [ Tue Mar 04, 2008 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your thoughts on Wilhelm Reich and orgone therapy please...

I have one book by Reich actually, The Sexual Revolution, that I tried reading last year but was put off by the overly academic language. Some years ago I also read the transcript of When Eagles Fly by Martin N. Bell, a a play based on the trial of Reich. I will read your links when I have time, and let you know what I think of it.


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