P-S-G question for Shelley
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Author:  Mojo [ Mon Jan 23, 2006 4:27 am ]
Post subject:  P-S-G question for Shelley

Shelley, you said you were a moderator for the Primal Support Group at one time. I was wondering if the membership are becoming dissatisfied for some reason. You have participated here, for example.

LindaS is a member too, if I'm not mistaken. Why on earth would she post an account of her hopes and disappointments on the PPP, of all places? Did she resign herself to receiving the usual kind of responses? Or was she hoping for a reply overflowing with sensitivity and understanding? Apart from the usual, she got a harsh response from a scolding mother impressionist & knee-jerk judgementalist rolled into one. Being public forums, neither the PPP or this forum are best choices for sharing personal revelations. The stated purpose of this forum is to discuss "Primal Theory and Practice." The other forum has a long history of people arguing and putting each other down. Is the P-S-G in decline? Why would LindaS expose her intimate self to individuals who cannot even comprehend that their replies rate below-average for empathy?

* Mojo *

Author:  Shelley [ Mon Jan 23, 2006 4:22 pm ]
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PSG is still going strong. People come and go there; they always have. I don't see any overall change in member satisfaction.

PSG is very different from this forum. It's set up to offer support. Posts there are far more personal. People establish relationships with each other beyond the forum itself. There are guidelines that bar members from making the kinds of responses that Linda received on John's board.

I can't speak for Linda or speculate about her motivations.

I've been participating here because I'm looking for more intellectual engagement than I get at PSG. Theoretical discussions don't go far there, and my own freethinking approach has stirred feelings more often than rational discourse there.

I also find the PSG posting guidelines restrictive at times. I don't mind getting triggered in the course of an honest discussion. I like honesty, even when it's harsh. The responses to Linda's post would not have met the PSG guidelines, but I appreciated reading them, or at least the one from Julia.


Author:  Mojo [ Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:51 pm ]
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I like honesty, even when it's harsh.

It is possible to express doubts about another person's point of view in a tactful and diplomatic way. Being harsh is an unfeeling way of responding. I have attended weekend workshops in the past. Most were shop windows for expensive training courses and added little to what I'd learned from self-help books, but there's one particular insight I found memorable. The facilitator explained the difference between 'responding' to someone and 'reacting' to them. Harsh words are always a reaction. Most probably because an unresolved feeling is triggered inside the person who reacts.

It saddened me to read that it took a number of days before LindaS regained her composure enough to respond to the attack. I felt hopeful when Dennis set up an alternative forum. On the other forum plenty of people think that feelings are important, but only their own. Too many of them don't seem to care if what they say to others is unfeeling. As a treatment for neurosis, Janov's theory makes sense to me, but I do wonder if some some of his followers are suffering from a different problem -- Asperger syndrome, which involves "a lack of social or emotional reciprocity."

* Mojo *

Author:  Linda Smith [ Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:42 pm ]
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Hello Everyone,

I didn't realize this message board was still going. I see there are a couple of posts with my name in it so I thought I would provide a brief response.

I am no longer a member at the PSG. For me that particular message board was too restrictive in what could be said and what couldn't be said.

With regard to my post at the PPP about my experience with primal therapy I didn't put it there to elicit any type of response one way or the other. I put it there for informational purposes thinking that others might find it beneficial to read about someone else's journey.

I was not bothered by Julia's response; it didn't take me a few days to "regain my composure" as stated by Mojo. I simply didn't respond right away because Julia's message came across to me somewhat as "trash talk" and I wasn't sure whether it was worth it to expend any energy on a response or not.

Linda S.

Author:  Mojo [ Fri Feb 24, 2006 1:42 am ]
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Hi Linda,

Welcome aboard. It's understandable you didn't realize this board was still going. Because of problems at the previous forum hosting sites it moved twice. This site and forum are owned by Dennis, I believe. With all the confusion along the way there are probably several people who haven't returned. That's a pity, because older posts don't disappear to make way for new ones and Dennis, as moderator, would no doubt intervene if it looked like "trash talk" was going to bring down the tone of the neighborhood. I'm glad your composure wasn't thrown off balance. Maybe it's just me who gets exasperated by the arguments and put-downs that taint the other board.

* Mojo *

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