Childhood trauma and its consequences
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:13 am 
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An interesting article which was posted on Ewail about the ACE (Adverse Childhood
Experiences) study. It talks about how different social services
agencies in the United States are bringing an awareness of childhood/trauma into the services that they offer.

There is hope for the future. See site below.

http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2009/oct/0 ... city_local



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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:39 pm 

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This is definitely a bright spot. These people are showing clear and measurable success, at least in terms of the youngest ones. (Zero children returned to Protective Services by foster parents who couldn't cope with uncontrollable behavior, something apparently unheard of earlier.)

Something that's bothered me greatly has been to realize that the whole trauma "business" is associated dangerously closely with pseudo-sciences and "alternatives". It absolutely does not belong in those groups. I think the ACE study shows that plainly. The real, refute-this-if-you-can evidence is already too much for reasonable people to ignore, but as we know the wall is damned thick. Even Murray Staus' recent paper was trashed by what seemed to me to be a slew of people who, whether or not professionals, at least considered themselves "scientific" enough to leave disparaging comments about it on the site where I think it first appeared on the net:

And it's not unusual at all for the "open-minded" - or perhaps "rebellious" - among us to ourselves endorse and advocate along with the real truth that cruelty is stupid, other "alternative points of view" that have no real credibility. I'm thinking 'homeopathy' astrology and etc. It's already true that being anti-headmedication translates to being pro-Scientology in the minds of most who haven't looked at the subject much, and that by itself is obstacle enough, I think. Not that she's a practicing scientist, but Barbara Rogers once managed an interview on an Internet radio station whose sponsors included 'snake-oil' products like electric boxes for your feet which promise to eliminate intestinal worms. In that case I'll guess it was probably the station that sought her out rather than vice versa but the point remains the same: credibility suffers due to the "guilt by association" principle.

Seems to me that the ACE study is big enough and too rock-solid to be ignored indefinitely. And the fact that they were looking only for reasons for obesity in women, originally, makes it even more impartial and therefore "agenda-less" and that much more credible. The guy who figured out that heliobactor pylori could survive in stomach HCl, causing gastritis and stomach ulcers was nearly laughed out of the convention where he first presented his findings, is my understanding. Just now checking, Wikipedia says he was met merely with "some skepticism". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliobacter_Pylori Something in that article that's news to me is the fact that he and his partner were eventually given the Nobel Prize for Medicine, in 2005, thirty-some years after the fact. And now I'm worried since I see no mention of the story as I first remember reading it, back then: that the discoverer was an internist who noticed his patients with ulcers became symptomless after taking antibiotics prescribed by their dentists for toothaches. But I'll let the comparison between this and the ACE study stand. And just make the point that some stuff just takes time. Whether we like it or not.

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