Breaking Down the Walls of Silence

Daniel Mackler - Suicide—The Trap of the Family System

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Published by Dennis in Child abuse Domestic abuse Mental abuse


An exploration of the connection between the family system, childhood trauma, and suicide—and becoming suicidal. Becoming suicidal almost always indicates that a person has been severely traumatized in his or her life, and that these traumas were never properly resolved. If a person could resolve his or her traumas he would have no need to express himself through the horrible bind of killing him. So often a suicidal person is caught in the bind of desperately needing to tell the truth about his childhood and family in order to heal, but feeling totally unable to tell the truth because of the consequences it would bring. So suicide—the worst course of action of all, becauseit is an action stripped of all hope and potential for future growth—becomes an easier option in his or her mind. There are always other options than suicide—if a person gets the opportunity to discover these options. Hope is sometimes closer than we realize For more on this subject, visit

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