Breaking Down the Walls of Silence

Andrew Vachss and Oprah Winfrey - A dialogue

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Published by Dennis in Child abuse Domestic abuse


The memorable conversation between child advocate Andrew Vachss and Oprah Winfrey from 1993.

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  • Dean Added Andrew is truly a warrior and personal hero of mine
  • Sonia Added Has anyone been able to find a copy of this episode?
  • Frrederick Shorts Added Oprah is frontin' (telling lies and trying to spin) she still straightens her hair. She is a sellout! Andrew Vachss is the real deal!
  • Dina Added You don't need to forgive! Get angry! Move on! It's hard and takes time but it does not require forgiveness. One should never forgive anyone who takes an innocent and violates that in the most vile way! This person didn't trip and fall and break a nicknack.....this person raped or molested a child. It is not an act that deserves forgiveness. This person knows what they did.....they wanted to do it. Do not forgive!
  • the Bohemian Added I believe that one can not forgive until you are angry first. This is because to forgive, you must accept the fact that you were wronged, that they did something wrong to you, it was not your fault. When you really, genuinely are able to do this, you will get angry. At that point, you are able to honestly forgive them. If you try to forgive them before you truly accept that they have wronged you.
  • Margo Easton Added I was mesmerized by this interview. As a teacher and advocate for abused and neglected children, I have never been more moved and fascinated by anyone. I have e-mailed Oprah website and suggested that she interview Mr. Vachss again. I taped this show and watched it over and over for a number of years. I haven't seen it in years, and I don't know if it is still viewable, but I still have it.