1952: A hypnotist being interviewed by the CIA

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1952: A hypnotist being interviewed by the CIA

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There's still a lot of ignorance on the abuse and manipulation on unwitting people (including children) by governmental agencies and the psychiatry. In 2004 through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) The Black Vault received 20,000 pages of US government documents related to MKUltra and behavioral research. These are scanned pictures of documents and cannot be searched, nor have titles. I started to randomly read a few and came across quite a disturbing interview with an hypnotist, ready to work for the CIA. I've converted the document to digital text.

25 February, 1952

1. On Thursday, 21 February 1952, the writer had an extended interview with [deleted]. The conversation lasted from 3:00 PM to approximately 6:30 PM. The Interview was laid on through the Contact Branch and introductions were made through [deleted] the New York City Contact Office. No difficulties were encountered in this matter.
2. [deleted] is a professional hypnotist of exceptionally good reputation. He apparently has other means and has been a professional engineer and accountant. His apartment is in a deluxe apartment neighborhood in [deleted] and is in exceptionally good taste. [deleted] resides there with his sister.
3. [deleted] is about six feet tall, wears horn-rim glasses, has a strong, aggressive look, and, physically, is quite impressive.
He appears highly intelligent, was courteous, amiable, and co-operative throughout. Before getting to cases, the writer fenced with [deleted] for approximately three-quarters of an hour, talking generally about hypnosis and not disclosing positive security interests. After establishing in the writer's mind that [deleted] was competent and thoroughly understood the meaning of secrecy, the writer opened up and discussed positive matters. Set out below are a series of questions and answers which cover, in substance, the details of the interview with [deleted].

Q: What are your experiences in general with hypnotism?
A: I have been a professional hypnotist for at least 15 years, At present, I am employed on a very confidential basis two days a week working in the [deleted]. I also work constantly [deleted]. I works as a [deleted] and I work continuously with all types of patients at [deleted]. I am not teaching hypnotism now, but I have taught many individuals hypnotism in the past.

Q: What part, do you think, did hypnotism play in the [deleted] and other show trials by the USSR and their satellites?
A: In my personal opinion, hypnosis possibly combined with duress, and possibly drugs, is how the "confessions" were brought about. I have long been interested in these trials and I believe it entirely possible to bring these things about through these techniques. It would take a great deal of continuous application and study of the individual to produce these results but the enemy has plenty of time and is capable of using any methods.

Q: Can you obtain information from an individual, willing or unwilling, by hypnotism?
A: Definitely, yea. Many of the medical cases I work on are involved in obtaining personal, intimate information and through hypnotism, I have been quite successful in obtaining this. If an individual refuses to co-operate with hypnosis, the doctors with whom I work use drugs, always sodium amytal.

Q: Do you think that this system would be useful in obtaining information from a recalcitrant, obstinate, and entirely unco-operative individual?
A: Yes, definitely. That is the only way to approach this type of individual, but even at that you would have to study your individual psychologically and the matter would require great skill. All people have to be approached in different manners as far as hypnotism goes, but if you could gain their confidence or at least indicate so, they would clearly understand you were not hostile to them and your battle would be more than half won.

Q: How far do you think individuals could be controlled by hypnosis?
A: This is a very difficult subject. Post-hypnotics will last twenty years and will be very strong if re-enforced from time to time. However, if direct control is wanted, and particularly without re-enforcement, perhaps twelve hours would be the most you could expect and even then a possibility exists that the person under hypnosis might suddenly be awakened by some external stimulus.

Q: Have you ever had any experience with drugs?
Yes, many times. I have worked with doctors using sodium amytal and pentothal and have obtained hypnotic control after the drugs were used. In fact, many times the drugs were used for the purpose of obtaining hypnotic control.

Q: Were any other drugs used? Do you know any "new" drugs or are there any "wonder" drugs that can be used in this business?
A: No. I have known doctors to try other drugs but they do not have any success and almost without exception in my work, sodium amytal and pentothal are the weapons used. If I had to tackle a case, tough and unwilling, I would rely on sodium amytal. I do not know of any "wonder" drugs. I do not believe they exist and none of the psychiatrists and doctors I work with use anything but those I have mentioned.

Q: Have you ever heard of hypnosis being used in connection with electroshock?
A: No. I am familiar with the electroshock convulsion and coma but I have never attempted to obtain hypnotic control thereafter and have never heard of anyone doing this. However, some of my friends who are psychiatrists constantly use electroshock and I have complete access to their work. I shall make some experiments along these lines in the near future and when I see you again, we will discuss the results of this.

Q: Are there any individuals you might know who would be worthwhile in contacting along these lines?
A: Offhand. I cannot think of anyone except [deleted] perhaps one of the outstanding [deleted] in the country, thoroughly understands drugs and is well acquainted with my work. As far as hypnotists are concerned, I do not believe there are five competent professional hypnotists in the U.S. today and I have nothing but contempt for the college professor who talks about hypnosis. Only the professional who can handle hypnosis in front of the public and on a large scale is capable of really giving first-rate advice or information on hypnotic work.

Q: Would you be willing to act as a consultant to this Agency? ( [deleted] was fully informed that the writer was making no offers and in no position to recruit personnel. This offer was being made in general terms.)
A: Yes, I feel that we are at war and if I can be of any help whatsoever, I shall be glad to give my time. If you need me on any given case, I will be glad to come.

Q: Would you accept pupils for private coaching? (Same explanation as above.)
A: Yes. I think I could train an individual or at least give him a substantial background in two weeks, working out with him three times a week.

Q: Do you have any ideas that hypnotism could be used as a weapon?
A: Yes, I have thought about this often. It could certainly be used in obtaining information from recalcitrant people particularly with drugs. Furthermore, it can be used as a morale factor and in addition, it could be used as a recruiting source for special types of work. I will explain the last two. You have large D.P. camps in Europe and Asia. You have to entertain these people. A good professional hypnotist is a good entertainer. Using mass hypnotic methods, he could drive home thoughts that would be of great benefit to our side. Individuals that he gained control of through hypnotic influence could he converted to strong supporters of our viewpoint through suggestion. The opposite of this, of course, would hold true. Furthermore, along these lines, a good hypnotist running hypnotic shows for entertainment would pick up a great many subjects, come of whom might be exceptionally good subjects for us. These subjects could easily be tabbed and put to our use.

Q: Have you ever been able to produce hypnosis without an individual's knowledge?
A: Yes, through the relaxing technique and on rare occasions been able to produce hypnotism against a person's will. However, you cannot count on this and to attempt to attack an individual who did not want to be hypnotized along would be almost an impossible task. In that type of case, I would use sodium amytal and/or sodium pentothal.

Q: Do you have any special techniques that you think are valuable?
A: All techniques are valuable. I use about eighteen different approaches to individuals ranging from fear to anxiety, to deception, etc. etc. All individuals are different and a hypnotist always studies his subjects carefully, psychologically and otherwise, before attempting hypnosis with them. Only skilled professional hypnotists have proper training and work at it often enough to be skilled hypnotists. I would be glad to show you all my techniques when we have time to discuss them.

There is a peculiar and somewhat dangerous technique involving pressure on the carotid artery. The technique of using pressure on this artery is largely a matter of timing. Pressure in the right place cuts off the flow of blood to the brain, apparently causing a rapid coma-like condition - during this condition, hypnotic control can sometimes be obtained. The technique is not easy to learn. I have tried it only a few times but it has been successful.

Q: How effective are post-hypnotics; over what distances and time can they be effective?
A: Properly used post-hypnotics will last twenty years. They can be made more effective by re-enforcement from time to time. Post-hypnotics are not affected at all by time or travel or distance away from the person who placed the post-hypnotic. As a rule, post-hypnotics should be 100% effective in good subjects and they would certainly be more effective than a person operating under direct hypnotic control, since a person in a hypnotic trance can suddenly be brought out of it for various reasons, particularly after many hours while a post-hypnotic will always remain strong.

Q: Can individuals be made to do things under hypnosis that they would not do otherwise?
A: This is a muchly debated subject and, in my opinion, as a general rule, no individual will do anything against his moral code or upbringing under a hypnotic trance they would not do otherwise. However, it should be remembered that by the proper type of conditioning and a very intelligent and understanding approach using psychology, individuals could be taught to do anything including murder, suicide, etc. This would be difficult, but I believe it could be done by a careful process of conditioning a person psychologically while under a hypnotic state, setting a stage for the act as it were. I do not have much faith in test experiments in collages because they are, by their very nature, experiments or tests. I do believe that you could carry out acts that would be against an individual's moral feelings if they were rightly, psychologically conditioned. Of course, it would not be as much of a problem to have an immoral person commit an immoral act or a murderer commit a murder, since by their nature they would have no hesitancy to do such a thing in their normal life.

I do not know of any drugs that would do this under any circumstances, but I do feel that the [deleted] and other familiar cases in which individuals confessed to crimes which they could not have possibly committed was brought about by hypnosis, as I mentioned before, and lengthy psychological conditioning. The question itself, of course, is one that has been debated a great many times but is difficult to actually arrange a "practical" test.

Q: Do you have any special techniques or ideas for detecting if an individual is under hypnosis or not?
A: Yes, I have several methods for detecting this and If I see you again, I will go over them in detail with you. There are certain tests that I make which I think are very effective. Along this same line, I also use several methods for detecting when individuals are faking or play acting with me or feigning hypnosis.

Q: Do you have any system for detecting good hypnotic subjects, particularly not along the lines of stage entertainments?
A: No particular system, but there are certain techniques that I apply in looking for good subjects. Most of these are basically standard tests and are, undoubtedly, known to you. (Reference was made to standard tests for suggestibility, all known to the writer.) In this connection, when I see you again, I will show you some of the methods I use along these lines.

Q: Can hypnosis be broken by another hypnotist if specific instructions have been given to a subject to prevent this?
A: I have been able to do this, but this is not easy and requires a great deal of time and effort, but I believe that that almost any hypnotic control can be detected and broken if sufficient time and a careful psychological approach are used.

Q: Does alcohol assist in the obtaining of hypnosis in a subject?
A: I do not believe it helps. There are many other more important aids to hypnosis than a social drink or two. The first of these I believe would be anxiety, another would be fear, third might be exhaustion. However, in many cases, alcohol does make individuals more pliable and in that sense night have some results.

Q: Do you have any material that you think might be of interest to me along these lines?
A: Yes. As you know, an individual who has been hypnotized makes a very excellent courier. They can be given messages while under hypnosis which they themselves do not know and only an individual knowing the code can get this message from this courier. Even assuming that the post-hypnotic control could be broken or the individual hypnotized, it could still be protected perhaps as follows:

A person could be regressed to a certain time and date and then given the message and unless the person who subsequently gained control of the subject regressed the subject to the correct date and time set out, he could not get the message. Even more secure would be to move the individual forward. If he were moved from thirty years of age to thirty-five years of age at a given date and time and then given the message, unless the individual could guess the age, the time, and date in the future, he could not obtain the message.

In my opinion, the use of this hypnotic technique is valuable from your point of view. Certain it is that by hypnotic control over an individual you can extract information probably better than any other known way. Furthermore, in good subjects you can create complete amnesias which should be helpful. In addition, as I mentioned above, I think this technique could be used on a mass scale as I explained both as a morale factor or for propaganda purposes. Some people in the Army I know are giving thought to these items, but whether it can ever be sold at the top-level, I cannot say. I think it would be very valuable.

I will try when I return from my trip to contact a number of individuals, psychiatrists, and doctors that I know and without discussing any reasons, obtain from them any information that they may have on new drugs or techniques. I do not believe that there are any new drugs and I do not believe there is anything such as the "wonder" drugs which will produce instant talking when given to an individual I believe our hypnotic capacities are as good as the [deleted] and I also believe that they have no "wonder" drugs or any other drugs we do not know about. The only thing they have is plenty of time and they care nothing for normal conventions.

For matter of record, [deleted] professed great interest in this type of work stating that in his opinion, it had long been neglected by our Government. He stated he would contribute time and effort if he were called upon to do so and volunteered to assist in any case if he were called upon for assistance.
Everything I write here is my opinion, not absolute truths but I don't want to start every sentence with[i] in my opinion[/i]...
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Post by cc »

Hi Dennis,

This was very interesting. I wondered about this subject before and believe that society in general is hypnotized thru the self and the social norms. I would say that the unconscious condition that society is in is very much like being in a hypnotized state. I would doubt very much that a person, who is conscious, resolved, healed and connected to their true feelings is susceptible to ?conventional programs? or intentional brain washing (hypnosis).
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Post by Dennis »

Hi CC,

I also think that people that are very susceptible to hypnosis are the ones who already have a repressed traumatized life. There are quite a number of experiments on this as well. This is often so bizarre to read and so shocking that most people don't want to read it. I've also heard that schizophrenic people are the hardest ones to hypnotize.

I have an interesting scientific article somewhere about the hypnotic influence of television. I think this is surely a contribution to the general apathy. Tired people turn on their TV when they come home because it's soothing, almost sleep-inducing. Now you also know the reason behind the success of commercials that interrupt the programs, because they have already opened up the minds of people. If I can find this article, I'll post it.

Everything I write here is my opinion, not absolute truths but I don't want to start every sentence with[i] in my opinion[/i]...
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Dennis wrote:
I also think that people that are very susceptible to hypnosis are the ones who already have a repressed traumatized life. There are quite a number of experiments on this as well.
I wonder how revealing these experiments are and how objective and accurate they are, when they are carried out by the unconscious, narrow minded, ego warped charlatans? I am under the assumption that society (mostly everyone) has a repressed traumatic life. How do they know that hypnosis works better on the traumatized than on the ?healthy, unaffected and undisturbed? I believe the opposite can be true too.

I think that not even when testing and comparing the hypnotic vulnerability of the severely traumatized to the less than severely traumatized could one rely on such outcome. The one?s carrying out these experiments do not understand trauma and have a limited and distorted definition for it. Why are schizophrenic people difficult to hypnotize then?

Dennis wrote:
This is often so bizarre to read and so shocking that most people don't want to read it.
Yes, I can see why. I would like to read this.

Dennis wrote:
I've also heard that schizophrenic people are the hardest ones to hypnotize.
I have always believed that schizophrenia is a misnomer and only describes a person who is in touch with their painful reality in sharp contrast to the ?repressed norm?.

Dennis wrote:
I have an interesting scientific article somewhere about the hypnotic influence of television. I think this is surely a contribution to the general apathy.
This is one of the things I had in mind when I mentioned the susceptibility of a person to ?conventional programs?. I would like to read the scientific article, thanks.

Dennis wrote:
Tired people turn on their TV when they come home because it's soothing, almost sleep-inducing.
Yes. TV is also a distraction from pain and discomfort (repression) and freely chosen by those who wish to not face their feelings. Repression is self hypnosis I think. Like I said above, ?society in general is hypnotized thru the self and the social norms?. Only pain can break thru the ?slumber?, that is, pain that helps break the defenses of repression. When those defenses come down, a little bit at a time, you get ?schizophrenia? a person in touch with their painful reality, and in processing and healing it, on the road to freedom from hypnotic repression.
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Post by Dennis »

As the hypnotist above said, anxiety, fear and exhaustion are important factors to hypnotize someone successfully. There's a field of entertainment on hypnotism but there are also serious applications of it. If there's an accomplice to the hypnotist who goes along pretending, then that can surely be so in the entertainment sector. But in experiments set up by the CIA - for example - this would be much harder to organize. There has been a number of these experiments published by FOIA.

Do not underestimate the cruelty of some of these experiments when they traumatize children and adults. Some years ago I wanted to read the book The Nazi Doctors and I couldn't continue reading it, because of the sickening torture they used. And this one done in the name of science and has been continued with innocent victims in the psychiatry.

I don't know why schizophrenic people seem to be hard to hypnotize. I read somewhere that people with severe mental problems don't recall dreaming. Maybe their subconscious is not being protected anymore and cannot hold anything in. It's like the doors are wide open.

I couldn't find the article on television but found an interesting (long) article from another hypnotist, who also discusses the effect of television. Much is food for thought. Here it is:

This article is excerpted from a series of audio tape transcriptions which originally appeared in 'The People's Spellbreaker', edited by John DiNardo.


Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today

I'm Dick Sutphen and this tape is a studio-recorded, expanded version of a talk I delivered at the World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the tape carries a copyright to protect it from unlawful duplication for sale by other companies, in this case, I invite individuals to make copies and give them to friends or anyone in a position to communicate this information. Although I've been interviewed about the subject on many local and regional radio and TV talk shows, large-scale mass communication appears to be blocked, since it could result in suspicion or investigation of the very media presenting it or the sponsors that support the media. Some government agencies do not want this information generally known. Nor do the Born-Again Christian movement, cults, and many human-potential trainings.

Everything I will relate only exposes the surface of the problem. I don't know how the misuse of these techniques can be stopped. I don't think it is possible to legislate against that which often cannot be detected; and if those who legislate are using these techniques, there is little hope of effecting laws to govern usage. I do know that the first step to initiate change is to generate interest. In this case, that will probably only result from an underground effort.

In talking about this subject, I am talking about my own business. I know it, and I know how effective it can be. I produce hypnosis and subliminal tapes and, in some of my seminars, I use conversion tactics to assist participants to become independent and self-sufficient. But, anytime I use these techniques, I point out that I am using them, and those attending have a choice to participate or not. They also know what the desired result of participation will be.

So, to begin, I want to state the most basic of all facts about brainwashing:


Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been "shown the light" ... or have been transformed in miraculous ways.

Before I go on, let's go back to the six tip-offs to conversion. I want to mention the United States Government and military boot camp. The Marine Corps talks about breaking men down before "rebuilding" them as new men -- as Marines! Well, that is exactly what they do, the same way a cult breaks its people down and rebuilds them as happy flower sellers on your local street corner. Every one of the six conversion techniques are used in boot camp.

[JD: If you are doubtful about this assertion, I can attest to its truthfulness. I was a Marine for four-and-a-half years, and I will NEVER forget the profound mind control that the drill instructors at Parris Island had practiced on me and my platoon members in 1961.]

Considering the needs of the military, I'm not making a judgement as to whether that is good or bad. IT IS A FACT that the men are effectively brainwashed. Those who won't submit must be discharged or spend much of their time in the brig.


Once the initial conversion is effected, cults, armed services, and similar groups cannot have cynicism among their members. Members must respond to commands and do as they are told, otherwise they are dangerous to the organizational control. This is normally accomplished as a three-step Decognition Process.

Step One is ALERTNESS REDUCTION: The controllers cause the nervous system to malfunction, making it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This can be accomplished in several ways. POOR DIET is one; watch out for Brownies and Kool-Aid. The sugar throws the nervous system off. More subtle is the "SPIRITUAL DIET" used by many cults. They eat only vegetables and fruits. Without the grounding of grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products or fish or meat, an individual becomes mentally "spacey." INADEQUATE SLEEP is another primary way to reduce alertness, especially when combined with long hours of work or intense physical activity. Also, being bombarded with intense and unique experiences achieves the same result.

Step Two is PROGRAMMED CONFUSION: You are mentally assaulted while your alertness is being reduced as in Step One. This is accomplished with a deluge of new information, lectures, discussion groups, encounters or one-to-one processing, which usually amounts to the controller bombarding the individual with questions. During this phase of decognition, reality and illusion often merge and perverted logic is likely to be accepted.

Step Three is THOUGHT STOPPING: Techniques are used to cause the mind to go "flat." These are altered-state-of-consciousness techniques that initially induce calmness by giving the mind something simple to deal with and focusing awareness. The continued use brings on a feeling of elation and eventually hallucination. The result is the reduction of thought and eventually, if used long enough, the cessation of all thought and withdrawal from everyone and everything except that which the controllers direct. The takeover is then complete. It is important to be aware that when members or participants are instructed to use "thought-stopping" techniques, they are told that they will benefit by so doing: they will become "better soldiers" or "find enlightenment."

There are three primary techniques used for thought stopping. The first is MARCHING: the thump, thump, thump beat literally generates self-hypnosis and thus great susceptibility to suggestion.

The second thought stopping technique is MEDITATION. If you spend an hour to an hour and a half a day in meditation, after a few weeks, there is a great probability that you will not return to full beta consciousness. You will remain in a fixed state of alpha for as long as you continue to meditate. I'm not saying this is bad -- if you do it yourself. It may be very beneficial. But it is a fact that you are causing your mind to go flat. I've worked with meditators on an EEG machine, and the results are conclusive: the more you meditate, the flatter your mind becomes until, eventually (and especially if used to excess or in combination with decognition) all thought ceases. Some spiritual groups see this as nirvana -- which is bullshit. It is simply a predictable physiological result. And if heaven on earth is non-thinking and non-involvement, I really question why we are here.

The third thought-stopping technique is CHANTING, and often, chanting in meditation. "Speaking in tongues" could also be included in this category.

All three STOPPING techniques produce an altered state of consciousness. This may be very good if YOU are controlling the process, for you also control the input. I personally use at least one self-hypnosis programming session every day and I know how beneficial it is for me. But you need to know if you use these techniques to the degree of remaining continually in alpha that, although you'll be very mellow, you'll also be more suggestible.


Before ending this section on conversion, I want to talk about the people who are most susceptible to it and about Mass Movements. I am convinced that at least a third of the population is what Eric Hoffer calls "true believers." They are joiners and followers ... people who want to give away their power. They look for answers, meaning, and enlightenment outside themselves. Hoffer, who wrote THE TRUE BELIEVER, a classic on mass movements, says:

"True believers are not intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but are those craving to be rid of unwanted self. They are followers, not because of a desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy their passion for self-renunciation!"

Hoffer also says that true believers "are eternally incomplete and eternally insecure"! I know this from my own experience. In my years of communicating concepts and conducting trainings, I have run into them again and again. All I can do is attempt to show them that the only thing to seek is the True Self within. Their personal answers are to be found there and there alone. I communicate that the basics of spirituality are self-responsibility and self-actualization. But most of the true believers just tell me that I'm not spiritual and go looking for someone who will give them the dogma and structure they desire.

Never underestimate the potential danger of these people. They can easily be molded into fanatics who will gladly work and die for their holy cause. It is a substitute for their lost faith in themselves and offers them as a substitute for individual hope. The Moral Majority is made up of true believers. All cults are composed of true believers. [It is upon a society's true believers] that any new order can be built.


Persuasion isn't technically brainwashing, but it is the manipulation of the human mind by another individual, without the manipulated party being aware what caused his opinion shift. I only have time to very basically introduce you to a few of the thousands of techniques in use today, but the basis of persuasion is always to access your RIGHT BRAIN. The left half of your brain is analytical and rational. The right side is creative and imaginative. That is overly simplified but it makes my point. So, the idea is to distract the left brain and keep it busy. Ideally, the persuader generates an eyes-open altered state of consciousness, causing you to shift from beta awareness into alpha; this can be measured on an EEG machine.

First, let me give you an example of distracting the left brain. Politicians use these powerful techniques all the time; lawyers use many variations which, I've been told, they call "tightening the noose."

Assume for a moment that you are watching a politician give a speech. First, he might generate what is called a "YES SET." These are statements that will cause listeners to agree; they might even unknowingly nod their heads in agreement. Next come the TRUISMS. These are usually facts that could be debated but, once the politician has his audience agreeing, the odds are in the politician's favor that the audience won't stop to think for themselves, thus continuing to agree. Last comes the SUGGESTION. This is what the politician wants you to do and, since you have been agreeing all along, you could be persuaded to accept the suggestion. Now, if you'll listen closely to my political speech, you'll find that the first three are the "yes set," the next three are truisms and the last is the suggestion.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: Are you angry about high food prices? Are you tired of astronomical gas prices? Are you sick of out--of-control inflation? Well, you know the Other Party allowed 18 percent inflation last year; you know crime has increased 50 percent nationwide in the last 12 months, and you know your paycheck hardly covers your expenses any more. Well, the answer to resolving these problems is to elect me, John Jones, to the U.S. Senate."

And I think you've heard all that before. But you might also watch for what are called Imbedded Commands. As an example: On key words, the speaker would make a gesture with his left hand, which research has shown is more apt to access your right brain. Today's media-oriented politicians and spellbinders are often carefully trained by a whole new breed of specialist who are using every trick in the book -- both old and new -- to manipulate you into accepting their candidate.

The concepts and techniques of Neuro-Linguistics are so heavily protected that I found out the hard way that to even talk about them publicly or in print results in threatened legal action. Yet Neuro-Linguistic training is readily available to anyone willing to devote the time and pay the price. It is some of the most subtle and powerful manipulation I have yet been exposed to. A good friend who recently attended a two-week seminar on Neuro-Linguistics found that many of those she talked to during the breaks were Government people.

Another technique that I'm just learning about is unbelievably slippery. It is called an INTERSPERSAL TECHNIQUE, and the idea is to say one thing with words, but plant a subconscious impression of something else in the minds of the listeners and/or watchers.

Let me give you an example. Assume you are watching a television commentator make the following statement:

"SENATOR JOHNSON is assisting local authorities to clear up the stupid mistakes of companies contributing to the nuclear waste problems."

It sounds like a statement of fact, but, if the speaker emphasizes the right word, and especially if he makes the proper hand gestures on the key words, you could be left with the subconscious impression that Senator Johnson is stupid. That was the subliminal goal of the statement, and the speaker cannot be called to account for anything.

Persuasion techniques are also frequently used on a much smaller scale with just as much effectiveness. The insurance salesman knows his pitch is likely to be much more effective if he can get you to visualize something in your mind. This is right-brain communication. For instance, he might pause in his conversation, look slowly around your livingroom and say, "Can you just imagine this beautiful home burning to the ground?" Of course you can!

It is one of your unconscious fears and, when he forces you to visualize it, you are more likely to be manipulated into signing his insurance policy.

The Hari Krishnas, operating in every airport, use what I call SHOCK AND CONFUSION techniques to distract the left brain and communicate directly with the right brain. While waiting for a plane, I once watched one operate for over an hour. He had a technique of almost jumping in front of someone. Initially, his voice was loud, then it dropped as he made his pitch to take a book and contribute money to the cause. Usually, when people are shocked, they immediately withdraw. In this case they were shocked by the strange appearance, sudden materialization and loud voice of the Hari Krishna devotee. In other words, the people went into an alpha state for security because they didn't want to confront the reality before them. In alpha, they were highly suggestible, so they responded to the suggestion of taking the book. The moment they took the book, they felt guilty and responded to the second suggestion: "give money". We are all conditioned that if someone gives us something, we have to give them something in return. In that case, it was money. While watching this hustler, I was close enough to notice that many of the people he stopped exhibited an outward sign of alpha; their eyes were actually dilated.


Subliminals are hidden suggestions that only your subconscious perceives. They can be audio, hidden behind music, or visual, airbrushed into a picture, flashed on a screen so fast that you don't consciously see them, or cleverly incorporated into a picture or design.

Most audio subliminal reprogramming tapes offer verbal suggestions recorded at a low volume. I question the efficacy of this technique. If subliminals are not perceptible, they cannot be effective; and subliminals recorded below the audible threshold are therefore useless. The oldest audio subliminal technique uses a voice that follows the volume of the music. So, subliminals are impossible to detect without a parametric equalizer. But this technique is patented and, when I wanted to develop my own line of subliminal audiocassettes, negotiations with the patent holder proved to be unsatisfactory. My attorney obtained copies of the patents which I gave to some talented Hollywood sound engineers, asking them to create a new technique. They found a way to psycho-acoustically modify and synthesize the suggestions so that they are projected in the same chord and frequency as the music, thus giving them the effect of being part of the music. But we found that, in using this technique, there is no way to reduce various frequencies to detect the subliminals. In other words, although the suggestions are being heard by the subconscious mind, they cannot be monitored with even the most sophisticated equipment.

If we were able to come up with this technique as easily as we did, I can only imagine how sophisticated the technology has become, with unlimited U.S. Government and [corporate] advertising funding. And I shudder to think about the propaganda and commercial manipulation that we are exposed to on a daily basis. There is simply no way to know what is behind the music you hear. It may even be possible to hide a second voice behind the voice to which you are listening.

The series, by Wilson Bryan Key, Ph.D., on subliminals in advertising and political campaigns, well documents the misuse in many areas, especially printed advertising in newspapers, magazines and posters.

The big question about subliminals is: Do they work? And I guarantee you that they do -- not only from the response of those who have used my tapes, but from the results of such programs as the subliminals behind the music in department stores. SUPPOSEDLY, the only message is instructions to not steal. One East Coast department store chain reported a 37 percent reduction in thefts in the first nine months of testing.

A 1984 article in the technical newsletter, "BRAIN-MIND BULLETIN" states that as much as 99 percent of our cognitive activity may be "non-conscious," according to the director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysiology at the University of Illinois. The lengthy report ends with the statement:

"These findings support the use of subliminal approaches such as taped suggestions for weight-loss and the therapeutic use of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP]."


I could relate many stories that support subliminal programming, but I'd rather use my time to make you aware of even more subtle uses of such programming.

I have personally experienced sitting in a Los Angeles auditorium with over ten thousand people who were gathered to listen to a current charismatic figure. Twenty minutes after entering the auditorium, I became aware that I was going in and out of an altered state. Those accompanying me experienced the same thing. Since it is our business, we were aware of what was happening, but those around us were not. By careful observation, what appeared to be spontaneous demonstrations were, in fact, artful manipulations. The only way I could figure that the "eyes-open trance" had been induced was that a -to-7-cycle-per-second vibration was being piped into the room behind the air conditioner sound. That particular vibration generates alpha [brain wave activity], which would render the audience highly susceptible. Ten to 25 percent of the population is capable of a somnambulistic [sleep-walking] level of altered state of consciousness. For these people, the suggestions of the speaker -- if non-threatening -- could potentially be accepted as "commands."


This leads to the mention of VIBRATO. Vibrato is the tremulous effect imparted in some vocal or instrumental music, and the cycle-per-second range causes people to go into an altered state of consciousness. At one period of English history, singers whose voices contained pronounced vibrato were not allowed to perform publicly because listeners would go into an altered state and have fantasies, often sexual in nature. People who attend opera or enjoy listening to singers like Mario Lanza are familiar with this altered state induced by the performers.


Now, let's carry this awareness a little further. There are also inaudible ELFs (extra-low frequency waves). These are electromagnetic in nature. One of the primary uses of ELFs is to communicate with our submarines. Dr. Andrija Puharich, a highly respected researcher, in an attempt to warn U.S. officials about Russian use of ELFs, set up an experiment. Volunteers were wired so their brain waves could be measured on an EEG [electro- encephalograph]. They were sealed in a metal room that could not be penetrated by a normal signal. Puharich then beamed ELF waves at the volunteers. ELFs go right through the Earth and, of course, right through metal walls. Those inside couldn't know if the signal was or was not being sent. And Puharich watched the reactions on the technical equipment: Thirty percent of those inside the room were taken over by the ELF signal in six to ten seconds.

When I say "taken over," I mean that their behavior followed the changes anticipated at very precise frequencies. Waves below six cycles-per-second caused the subjects to become very emotionally upset, and even disrupted bodily functions. At 8.2 cycles-per-second, they felt very high -- an elevated feeling, as though they had been in masterful meditation, learned over a period of years. Eleven to 11.3 cycles-per-second induced waves of depressed agitation leading to riotous behavior.


Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a personal friend of mine. In the early 1960s, as a teenager, Pat was listed as one of the top scientists in the world by LIFE Magazine. Among his many inventions was a device he called the Neurophone -- an electronic instrument that can successfully program suggestions directly through contact with the skin. When he attempted to patent the device, the United States Government demanded that he prove that it worked. When he did, the National Security Agency confiscated the neurophone. It took Pat two years of legal battle to get his invention back.

In using the device, you don't hear or see a thing. It is applied to the skin, which Pat claims is the source of special senses. The skin contains more sensors for heat, touch, pain, vibration, and electrical fields than any other part of the human anatomy.

In one of his recent tests, Pat conducted two identical seminars for a military audience -- one seminar one night and one the next night, because the size of the room was not large enough to accommodate all of them at one time. When the first group proved to be very cool and unwilling to respond, Patrick spent the next day making a special tape to play at the second seminar. The tape instructed the audience to be extremely warm and responsive and for their hands to become "tingly." The tape was played through the neurophone, which was connected to a wire he placed along the ceiling of the room. There were no speakers, so no sound could be heard, yet the message was successfully transmitted from that wire directly into the brains of the audience. They were warm and receptive, their hands tingled and they responded, according to programming, in other ways that I cannot mention here.

The more we find out about how human beings work through today's highly advanced technological research, the more we learn to control human beings. And what probably scares me the most is that the medium for takeover is already in place! That television set in your livingroom and bedroom is doing a lot more than just entertaining you!

Before I continue, let me point out something else about an altered state of consciousness. When you go into an altered state, you transfer into right brain, which results in the internal release of the body's own opiates: enkephalins and beta-endorphines, chemically almost identical to opium. In other words, it feels good -- and you want to come back for more.

Recent tests by researcher Herbert Krugman showed that, while viewers were watching television, right-brain activity outnumbered left-brain activity by a ratio of two to one. Put more simply, the viewers were in an altered state ... in trance more often than not. They were getting their beta-endorphine "fix."

To measure attention spans, psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland of the Veterans Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts, attached young viewers to an EEG [electroencephalograph] machine that was wired to shut the TV set off whenever the children's brains produced a majority of alpha brain waves. Although the children were told to concentrate, only a few could keep the set on for more than thirty seconds!

Most viewers are ALREADY hypnotized! To deepen the trance is easy. One simple way is to place a blank, black frame every 32 frames in the film that is being projected. This creates a 45-beat--per-minute pulsation, perceived ONLY by the subconscious mind -- the ideal pace at which to generate deep hypnosis.

The commercials or suggestions presented following this alpha-inducing broadcast are much more likely to be accepted by the viewer. The high percentage of the viewing audience that has somnambulistic-depth ability could very well accept the suggestions as commands -- as long as those commands did not ask the viewer to do something contrary to his morals, religion, or self-preservation.

The medium for takeover is here ! By the age of 16, children have spent ten thousand to fifteen thousand hours watching television! That is MORE time than they spend in school! In the average home, the television set is on for six hours and 44 minutes per day -- an increase of nine minutes from last year, and three times the average rate of increase during the 1970s.

It obviously isn't getting better. We are rapidly moving into an alpha-level world -- very possibly, the Orwellian world of "1984": placid, glassy-eyed, and responding obediently to instructions.

A research project by Jacob Jacoby, a Purdue University psychologist, found that of 2,700 people tested, NINETY PERCENT misunderstood even such simple viewing fare as commercials and "Barnaby Jones." Only minutes after watching, the typical viewer missed 23 to 36 percent of the questions about what he or she had seen. Of course they did ! They were going in and out of trance! If you go into a deep trance, you MUST be instructed to remember; otherwise you automatically forget.

I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. When you start to combine subliminal messages behind the music, subliminal visuals projected on the screen, hypnotically produced visual effects, sustained musical beats at a trance-inducing pace ... then you have extremely effective brainwashing! Every hour that you spend watching that television set, you become more conditioned. And, in case you thought there was a law against any of these things -- guess again. There isn't! There are a lot of powerful people who obviously prefer things exactly the way they are. Maybe they have plans for ..... ?


"...If you don't think that they [the Government and the Press] are in cahoots -- watch! They are ALL interested, or NONE of them are interested! It's not a staggering thing. They're not going to say anything in advance that's being given by any Black people who believe in functioning beyond the scope of the ground rules that are laid down by the liberal element of the power structure. When you begin thinking for yourself, you frighten them. And they try to block your getting to the Public for fear that if the Public listens to you, then the Public won't listen to them anymore.

"They've got certain Negroes whom they have to keep pumping up in the newspapers to make them look like leaders, so that the People will keep on following them no matter how many knots they get on the head following him. This is how "the man" does it. And if you don't wake up and find out HOW he does it -- I tell you -- they'll be building gas chambers and gas ovens pretty soon. I don't mean those kinds you got at home in your kitchen.

"Another example, at the international level, of how skillfully they use this trickery, was in the Congo. In the Congo, airplanes were dropping bombs on African villages. African villages don't have a defense against bombs. And the pilot can't tell who the bomb is being dropped upon. When a bomb hits the village, EVERYTHING goes. These pilots -- flying planes filled with bombs, dropping these bombs on African villages -- were destroying women, were destroying children, were destroying babies. You never heard any outcry over here about that! And it had started way back in June. They would drop bombs on African villages that would blow that village apart, and everything in it: man, woman child and baby.

"No outcry! No sympathy! No support! No concern! Because the PRESS didn't project it in such a way that it would be designed to GET your sympathy. They know how to put something so that you will sympathize with it, and they know how to put it so that you'll be against it. I'm telling you, they are MASTERS at it. And if you don't develop the analytical ability to read between the lines of what they're saying -- I'm telling you again -- they'll be building those gas ovens. And before you wake up, you'll be in one of them, just like the Jews ended up in gas ovens over there in Germany.

"You are in a society that is just as capable of building gas ovens for Black people as Hitler's society was.

"This was mass murder, in the Congo, of women and children. But there was no outcry, not even from the White liberals -- not even from your friends. Why? Because they made it appear that it was a humanitarian project. They said that the planes were being flown by American-trained, anti-Castro, Cuban pilots. This is propaganda, too. As soon as you hear that they're American-trained, you say: 'Oh, that's alright. That's us.' And of the anti-Castro Cubans, you say: 'Oh, that's alright, too, because if they're against Castro, whoever else they're against, that's good, because Castro is a monster.'

"Do you see how, step-by-step, they grab your mind?

"These pilots are hired ... their salaries are paid by the United States Government. These pilots are called 'mercenaries.'

A mercenary is not someone who kills you because he is patriotic. He kills you for blood money. He is a hired killer! This is what is meant by 'a mercenary.' And they are able to take these HIRED KILLERS, put them in AMERICAN planes, with AMERICAN bombs, and drop them on African villages, blowing to bits Black men, Black women, Black children, Black babies. And you Black people are sitting over here, cool, like it doesn't even involve you. You're a FOOL !!

"They'll do it to them today. They'll do it to you tomorrow."

I urge you to repost the episodes of this series to other newsgroups and to other computer networks, as well as to bulletin boards (electronic and wooden) on campus and in your community.

John DiNardo
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Dennis wrote:
As the hypnotist above said, anxiety, fear and exhaustion are important factors to hypnotize someone successfully.
Yes, I am aware of this. But the hypnotist above is the one causing the trauma - anxiety, fear and exhaustion - and using it (trauma which he exerts) to help him succeed in hypnotizing his subjects. If the hypnotist above did not use these atrocious methods to enable him to hypnotize his subjects then I doubt that he would succeed in hypnotizing them in all cases (even if they already have a repressed traumatized life), which is what I was questioning before.

Dennis wrote:
I also think that people that are very susceptible to hypnosis are the ones who already have a repressed traumatized life.
Generally speaking and not true in all cases, I believe that people who already have a repressed traumatized life are responsive to hypnosis if they are still in a repressed condition (i.e. a person who uses defenses to remain unconscious to pain).

And I think that people who already have a repressed traumatized life will not be responsive to hypnosis if they are working to remove their repressed condition by getting in touch with their true feelings.

I think that we are saying the same thing and that I may have interpreted your quote differently.

Dennis wrote:
Some years ago I wanted to read the book The Nazi Doctors and I couldn't continue reading it, because of the sickening torture they used.
It sounds horrible; I think that you may be right and I may have underestimated the cruelty done in these experiments.

Dennis wrote:
I don't know why schizophrenic people seem to be hard to hypnotize. I read somewhere that people with severe mental problems don't recall dreaming. Maybe their subconscious is not being protected anymore and cannot hold anything in. It's like the doors are wide open.
Yes, this is what I believe. This is why I believe that the most susceptible people to hypnosis are those that deny their feelings and live in their ?rational? minds.

Thanks for posting the ?substitute? article. I found it interesting.