Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST)

Implications and information on various therapies and self-therapy that deal with the emotional connection of childhood experiences
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Re: Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST)

Post by Dennis »

Today I've received the sad news that Jimmy took his own life, after having been in a psychiatric hospital. In the short time I got to know Jimmy, he was full of hope and expressed happiness about finding like-minded people. Sometimes you can't make it on your own. My thoughts are with you, Jimmy.

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Re: Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST)

Post by Sofia2 »

Dear Dennis,

This is one of the sadest news. For months, I connected into this thread to check on Jimmy's progress. I was so encouraged excited for him. It is a pity there are no details on how the situation precipitated to such a tragic end. Particularly with regard to RST, any lessons to learn on what went wrong following what seemed to be an exciting progress.

Anyway, whoever is your contact for him, please give my sincere condolences.

Thank you for informing us.